Shon Burnett's Biography

Shon Burnett's biography begins with music.

The Day it all began.

From an early age, Shon Burnett was drawn to music, and in pursuing his interest, he began taking piano lessons. Over time, Shon would go on to learn several instruments, including the guitar, drums and viola, most of which were self-taught.

In wanting to try his hand at performing, Shon, at age 9, began busking on the weekends, and while performing one Sunday at Bangkok's Chatuchak Weekend Market, Shon caught the eye of one of Thailand's greatest rock stars, Rang Rockestra, who was so impressed by what he saw that he invited Shon to join him at his studio the following week.

After a brief audition, Shon succeeded in gaining a spot on Rockestra’s roster of entertainers, and following a period of training, began performing at a variety of venues, including concerts, hotels, shopping centres, clubs, bars and private functions, the result of which would see Shon grow into an accomplished entertainer and performer.

In fact, over the next 3 years, Shon would use this valuable training and performing experience to become a Finalist on not one, but 3 reality television singing competitions.

What I've Learned Along The Way “...talent means nothing, while experience, acquired through years of long, hard work, means everything.”

2012 - KPOP Star Hunt 2 - Fox International Channels (Asia-Wide)

In 2012, at age 10, Shon entered the "KPOP Star Hunt 2" singing contest, competing against thousands of other contestants to become a TOP 10 Finalist in Thailand. Throughout the course of the show, his performances were broadcast Asia-wide on Fox International Channels, bringing him his first real fans - thousands of them - from countries throughout the region.

2013 - The Trainer 5 - Modernine TV/ Heliconia Entertainment Thailand

In 2013, at 11 years of age, Shon became a TOP 7 Series Finalist on "The Trainer 5," a televised reality talent show and singing contest broadcast on Modernine TV in Thailand, a country of 70-million people. As a Series Finalist, Shon appeared on the show throughout the season, enhancing his live performance skills, and bringing him many thousands of new fans.

2014 - The Next Star 7 - YTV Canada/ Corus Entertainment Inc.

In 2014, at age 12, Shon Burnett, after returning to Canada, succeeded in becoming a TOP 6 Series Finalist on YTV Canada's "The Next Star 7." Again, and as a Series Finalist, Shon appeared on the show for the entire season, bringing him to the attention of a whole new audience of North American fans.

Three years, 3 reality television singing competitions, weekly performances at concerts, hotels, clubs, bars and shopping centres. At only 14 years of age, Shon is a true seasoned professional.

Now, armed with a fistful of original songs and a dynamic band of acclaimed young musicians, the real journey has begun.

Stay tuned for the release of Shon Burnett's first EP due for release in early 2016.