Surrey Tree Lighting Festival 2015 - Shon Burnett performing.
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Shon Burnett, a Series Finalist on YTV Canada's The Next Star 7 in 2014, and on Fox International's KPOP Star Hunt 2 in 2012, will be performing with his band, the "Known Radicals," on Saturday, November 21st at the Surrey Tree Lighting Festival 2015.

The band will be performing from 12:30 pm - 1:10 pm on the Central City "Plaza Stage," which can be found at the north side entrance to the Central City Shopping Centre (Surrey Central Mall) on 102 Avenue, only steps from the Surrey Central SkyTrain Station.

See Google Maps for directions to the festival.

The event, which runs from 10:30 am until 7:00 pm, will feature an exciting lineup of entertainers and musicians throughout the day, so get there early; it's going to be great fun — and it's free! Last year, the Surrey Tree Lighting Festival saw attendance of over 15,000 people, with this year's event expected to be even more popular.

ON BECOMING A SUCCESSFUL MUSICIAN I have one message for young musicians around the world: Stay true to your heart, believe in yourself, and work hard.
— Joe Cocker

Look for Shon and the band before or after their performance, and stop by to say hi. They appreciate your support and would love to meet you!

For more information on this great event, visit the Surrey Tree Lighting Festival 2015 Official Website, or their Facebook Page for up-to-the-minute information.

If you have the time, leave a Facebook comment below, and then check out Shon's YouTube channel. Lots of videos uploaded all the time! :)